This is my first time to PINC. I bought a groupon deal: mani/pedi for $24. The mani/pedi was ok, I do like the color. But for the usual price of $55, I don't think I'll come back. There are several things I don't like about PINC:

1) chemical smell: The store was full of nail polish's chemical smell. I could still smell that chemical smell from my nails after I left the store for 4 hours. I think the nail polish is some cheap brand ( not OPI) and I just can't stand the small.
2) old/ not too clean equipments
3) a bit hot sale: I understand that they'll want me to buy some kind of package. However, trying to promote that before starting painting my nails is just really unnecessary. How will I buy a package without knowing your manicure quality. They'll also try to sell some add-on services (some moisturizing thing), which is also annoying. Although they would stop once I said I am not interested in buying a package, this just sort of ruined the whole experience.


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