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Emily White, CEO and Founder, Dreamfuel 

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with entrepreneur and athlete Emily White. She told me a story about how a small moment of boldness changed the course of her entire career.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily travels frequently for work and is generally able to work from anywhere. When I spoke with her, she was lucky enough to be working from Bermuda. Despite this, Emily wasn’t exactly in vacation mode.

“My days begin the night before. I’m big on getting plenty of sleep and staying healthy. I go to bed early and wake up anytime between 3am and 6am. After I wake up, I get organized for my day, meditate and go for a swim. I typically swim between 6am and 10 am depending on where I am, and then come back and start my day.”

Emily was on a swimming scholarship while at Northeastern. Both of her parents and her grandfather were swimming coaches. Swimming taught her a strong work ethic, teamwork, and time management.

“I’m big on meditating throughout the day, often in five minute increments. Today I did a sun salutation every five emails I got through. It helps me feel great, helps me focus, and ensures I’m chipping away at my to do list at the same time.”

I admit I was completely envious of Emily’s morning swimming discipline. “Do you ever have to miss it?” I asked. “Sometimes, but really, I just prioritize it. At the same time, if I’m tired, I’m tired, and that’s ok!”


I asked Emily about a time she can recall as a “turning point” in her life, when everything changed from the direction it was on.

She paraphrased a quote she’d read recently,

“Sometimes you don’t know how important something is until it’s a memory.”

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Anthony Ervin in 2012 changed everything.” Emily had managed musicians for 10 years, but she’d always wanted to manage a swimmer given the sport’s impact on her life. “Anthony came along and was kind of a rock star of swimming. When I saw him at the Olympics, I said, I want to work with that guy.”

So, shortly after the 2012 Olympic games, Emily sent a well thought out and passionate email to his website. “I had never done that before. I was totally nervous! I remember running the email by many people to get their opinions. But I believe when you have positive energy behind sending an email like that, it matters.”

“He wrote back to me the next day from the London games.”

Amazingly, Anthony said he’d be in New York in the next few weeks and would love to set up a meeting. “We decided to launch the first ever kick starter campaign for an Olympic swimmer, and that’s how my startup Dreamfuel was born, focused on launching crowd funding campaigns for athletes.”

Since that moment, Emily has grown Dreamfuel and gone on to help numerous athletes. “I’m so excited about the 2016 Olympic year. Dreamfuel is really taking off.”


Emily with Anthony Ervin, two-time Olympic Medalist and World Championship Gold Medalist

I asked Emily what she’d tell others battling insecurity, or considering sending a bold email themselves.

“I’d tell them not to be afraid to reach out, especially in this world where there is so much contact information available. Go for it! Even if you don’t get a reply, it’s great experience and great networking. Be as bold as you can, even when feeling insecure or doubting yourself. Everyone feels that way! It never hurts to try and it never hurts to ask.”

Salon Recommendations:

I asked Emily about the best massage in Brooklyn for de-stressing. She gave a special shout out to the massages and yoga at Greenhouse Holistic in Brooklyn. “It is such a place of bliss for me. Even though it’s beautiful in Bermuda, I can’t wait to get back there!”

Emily’s Salon List:
Massage: Greenhouse Holistic (Brooklyn)
Waxing: Smooth Skin Factory  (East Village)
Haircut: The Drawing Room (SoHo)
Manipedi: Green Nail Salon (Brooklyn)

You can follow Emily at @emwizzle on Pamperologist, and find out more reviews.


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She’s passionate about finding a healthy balance between work and her other loves: painting, traveling, and being with family. She adores long, rejuvenating facials, and is constantly wondering if she should get bangs.

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